How To Make A Habit | Subconscious Techniques

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Do you want to know how to make a new habit? Want to know how to study for long hours? How to be consistent at work? Here I am going to share some facts and subconscious techniques to make any new habits very easily. It’s not easy to make any new habit. There are two types of habits good habits and bad habits. Bad habits are those which will install in your system very easily and you’ll be addicted to them after some time but good habits are those where you need some to make yours. You will never addict them.


how to make a new habit

How to Make A New Habit-

1- Write down in your journal which habit you want to form. Be specific, now after writing it in your journal speak to your subconscious mind about that habit. Share to everyone about your new goals because studies show that when you tell everyone about your new goals, it increases the chances of success.

2- Stay consistent for 21 days to achieve your goal. It is a fact when you do something for 21 days your brain get habitual to it. If you want to study for an hour, be consistent for 21 days after 21 days you will get habitual to your 1 1-hour study.

3- Always start small because it’s easy to do small things. When you achieve your small habit making goal your mind start believing that you can achieve your goals. So first you have to decide small goals and after completing them go for a big one.

4- Reward yourself after achieving your small goals means give a treat to yourself.When you reward yourself by something it motivates for your next goal.

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