Benefits Of Meditation | How To Meditate

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Want to know how to meditate in the right way? what is meditation and what are the benefits of meditation because first, you should know about meditation before doing it. “If you don’t know what it is and how you should do it, You’ll not get 100% of what you will do.” Meditation is a blessing to yourself. It is the best gift to give yourself daily. “If you want best from yourself, you should give best to yourself.”


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Meditation is a process to meet yourself and listen to your inner voice, just forget this universe and be in your own cosmos. Its a technique to train our mind and to feel some peacefulness. You can read “A Million Thoughts: Learn All About Meditation from The Himalayan Mystic”  by Om Swami.

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How To Meditate-

1- Sit comfortably in a peaceful environment. It could be your room or backyard, anyplace but the area should be quiet and disengaged. Try to sit in an uncovered area.

2- Close your eyes and try to feel yourself. You can Buy A eye mask from here. It will be easy to shut your and not open till you are in meditation.3

3- Try to breathe naturally. Don’t make any efforts in your breathing process, just breath naturally. Inhale and exhale your breath.

4- Now focus on your breath. Focus on how you are breathing and how your body is moving with every inhalation and exhalation.

Follow these steps and start doing meditation daily. Start doing only 2-3 minutes daily and increase time day by day.

Benefits of meditation-

Meditation is one of the best process to control yourself or to control your brain. There are many benefits of meditation. Some are listed below-

1- You will be happy and active all day.

2- Your mind will be bright, and you will feel peacefulness in it.

3- You concentration power will increase.

4- Your thinking power will increase.

5- It can help you to recover from depression, anxiety, feeling of not well and many other illnesses.


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