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Journaling is all about writing down things in your journal. In the journal, you can write about your goals, your plans, your feelings, your mistakes, or your ideas. Many successful people say that writing down your goals in a journal increase the chances of achieving it. There are many benefits of a maintaining journal. Journaling makes you a better a person, your thinking power will drastically increase. When you write down your tasks or goals, it’s easy to remember them. When you open your journal again and see your plan for the day or month or your goals list you start working towards them.

Journal and its benefits

How To Maintain A Journal And What Is The Difference Between A Journal And A Dairy

people asked me how to maintain a journal and what is the difference between the Journal and a dairy. It’s not a big deal to write in a journal or maintaining it. Pick a journal and start writing whatever you want to write there. You can write about your goals, your feelings, etc. Analyze and track them on a daily basis. After some time you will be a perfect journal writer. It’s your journal and only you are a perfect writer of it, only you know about your taste means only you know how to maintain it in the best way. So nobody can tell you how to maintain a perfect journal.
Now, let’s talk about the difference between a journal and a dairy. Journal is not a dairy, a dairy is a place where you record your events while the journal is a place where you analyze and evaluate them. In the diary, you just write down about your day or thoughts and in the journal you analyze and try to make your tomorrow better than today and try to improve your thoughts.


Benefits Of Journaling-

1- Journaling develops self-awareness and that’s why you make fewer mistakes. When you start noticing your mistakes, and you are aware of them then it’s easy to improve them. If you are not aware of your mistakes how will you improve them?

2- Journaling helps to clarify your intentions so that you remain focused on the things that you really count.

3- Journaling reduces emotional pain. When you write your bad thoughts or feelings in the journal, it makes them fewer intense.

4- Journaling gives the opportunity to have a regular one-on-one conversation with yourself. One of the best things to improve yourself is to have a conversation with yourself.

5- Journaling makes you clearer thinker and helps you to live in the more intentional and enlightened way.

6- Journaling provides you a central place where you can record your insights on important issues.

7- The personal journal gives a private place to flex your imagination and define your dreams. You can write down your ideas and dreams there without any hesitation

8- Keeping journal encourages you to consider what you do, why you do it, what you have learned from all you have done.

9- Journaling helps you to recover from depression and anxiety. Medical researchers have even found that writing in a private journal for as little time as 15 minutes a day can improve your health, functioning of your immune system, and overall your attitude.

10- Studies show that writing about your romantic relationships can make them lost longer.


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